Your Appointment

Welcome  please take a few minutes to read through this, think of it as housekeeping information about our clinic.

Before Your Appointment:

  • If possible wear clothing which allows ease of access up to elbows  and knees for needling purposes.
  • Please arrive a few minutes early for your appointment. Payment and rescheduling are carried out before treatment so at least five minutes should be allowed for this.
  • Avoid attending for a session on an empty stomach,  gentle though this medicine is we are still moving your energy.
  • Do let the Acupuncturist know of any new developments related or unrelated to your current issue and this can affect which points are used.
  • If you need to leave by a certain time do let your practitioner know.  If your eyes are closed we will assume you are resting or sleeping and won’t rush to disturb you.
  • The treatment room is a calm, quiet, soothing space. To maintain this tranquil environment please switch your phone to silent, it’s a great chance for you to just relax or have a doze.

During Your Appointment:

  • Upon insertion, acupuncture needles often activate a sensation, this normally settles relatively quickly so that you can just rest or sleep. If it doesn’t, just say so and the Acupuncturist will adjust the needles.
  • If there are parts of your body you truly do not want/like being touched please say so in advance.
  • At any stage if anything untoward develops during your session, you must absolutely not suffer in silence.  The Acupuncturist can easily sort things out if informed at the time, this includes, burning sensation, sharp discomfort that doesn’t go away or pins and needles.
  • Once needled you are usually left to relax, the Acupuncturist doesn’t spend the time disturbing folk to check they are OK so really it is up to yourself to inform her straight away should your comfort status change.
  • We want you to be comfortable and relaxed during treatment and strive to get the temperature right. Being too hot or too cool during a treatment isn’t particularly nice and can hinder you relaxing into the session so please let us know if we need to adjust things to suit you. We have extra heaters, blankets and a thermostat so we should be able to get it right for you.


Our Commitment:

      • To deliver a high standard of personalised care tailored specifically to your needs.
      • We will continuously assess how acupuncture is working for you. If we feel a different approach is needed we are not shy in suggesting so, either alongside Acupuncture or instead of Acupuncture.
      • The focus is on helping you to resolve your health issue in the most effective way. We need to be realistic about the outcomes.  Acupuncture may feel magical with some of the instant results it gives but it doesn’t mean it is magic, it is a medicine after all. Pain can often go fairly quickly but healing still needs to continue.  Normally 1 or 2 treatments are not a cure all. Having a course of treatment with the correct interval spacing relative to your symptoms is the best way forward to achieve long lasting results. The length of time you need to resolve your issue depends on numerous factors including the length of time you have had the condition, its severity, your past and current health status plus how your body responds to treatment.
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