Interesting Week

Commit no Nuisance

Beginning of the week was spent at a college in London, helping with supervising others who are new to the style of Master Tung Acupuncture and all it encompasses. Led by Philip Weeks a very experienced Practitioner and charismatic lecturer. Steve Flood organises these great days/courses worth checking out if you are a fellow acupuncturist.  I got to spend time wandering the streets of the city I love and came across the wonderful sign in the photo.

I particularly like this photo because it resonates with the ethos of do no harm when practising this or any medicine.

Moving on, there was a couple of busy clinic days, filled with both regulars and newbies recently converted to the wonders of Acupuncture and all that it has done for them.

Next came a flood, near on 4 inches in the garage not to mention the mega puddley-lake in the garden.  Dogs had a ball swimming where they normally play.

Finishing the week off with the news that the UK is leaving the EU.

As I said folks, interesting week for sure!


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