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At Essex Acupuncture Room we like to pride ourselves that great value for health care, is a given all year round. As such, and bearing in mind it’s January we are happy to announce a  special non-event currently happening in clinic.

*Drum roll please*……… No January Sales to be found here.  There are no gimmicks to entice you,  just good old fashioned traditional  medicine. Now that doesn’t mean  that there are no decent offers or bargains to be had  here!

What is on offer (as per normal), is medicine which is tailored to  your individual needs. We offer to take into account the whole of you and treat you accordingly.  Alongside different styles of body acupuncture such as Master Tung and the Balance Method we can also offer Auricular Acupuncture (teeny tiny needles in your earlobe which can do amazing work for issues elsewhere in the body), Cupping, and a few other ways to treat your ailments.We also offer minimal if any side-effects and a medicine that is safe to have in childhood, pregnancy and alongside treatment for cancer. We offer alternate solutions if we believe we are not the best fit for you.

If we were a shop our logo could perhaps say “we never knowingly undervalue nor undersell this medicine” .

Sales and Bargains often go hand in hand. Well, you are most welcome to come sample the bargains always available  at Essex Acupuncture Room.  You know when you attend for one issue and suddenly other unexpected fantastic  things may start happening, better sleep, more energy and emotional calmness.  Think of it as a special BOGOF (though often its more than 1 other thing that occurs)

So lets give 3 Cheers for all the special offers & bargains available in January, oh and Feb,Mar Apr and all those other lovely months of the year

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