Special Invitation: Bring Your Pain Here!

Essex Acupuncture Room Special Offer not to be missed!

Essex Acupuncture Room, cordially invites those of you who have never been to clinic before to come along to this special event.  It’s a way for you to check out the clinic to see if its the right fit for you.  Also there are many folk out there who have never thought about having acupuncture for their ailments so this is a way of introducing it without it being full price/time and without having to commit to a course of treatment.

Now obviously as an Acupuncturist I absolutely know how wonderful Acupuncture is for many many conditions/ailments/pain issues etc. For the purpose of introducing you to Acupuncture its best that the focus is on an issue you can  measure immediate change with, which is why pain relief is what this offer is about.

So, clinic will be opening its doors on Tuesday 26th July and Thursday 28th for this special event.  There will be limited available places as normal clinic is still happening.

Whats the deal you ask? well for the uninitiated for just £10 you get 15-30 minutes of needle time enough to establish change.  Normally during a first consultation significant time is allocated to history taking, not so for event. Obviously if you chose to follow up with a course of treatment then a full history will be taken.  Really this session is a taster of the good things to come.

These sessions are not about preaching to the converted, regular clients here totally get this amazing medicine plus have had some nice deals in the past so they aren’t hard done by.

Phone today to have a chat to see if its suitable for you.  Sorry for the short notice, but that’s how this clinic rocks sometimes.


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