Traditional Chinese Medicine gets Olympified

Non Fad Cupping equipment

Hands up those of you enjoying watching Rio’s 2016 Olympics. Yep that’s a fair few hands waving in the air.  The skill, and talent from years of hard work is amazing to watch.  Must just tell you that the Acupuncture Community is abuzz not necessarily with the tip top talent on show, uh oh,  its the circular marks on these tip top athletes.  Colleagues social media time lines are constantly featuring photographic evidence of a cornerstone of our medicine from the Olympics of all places. Cupping is the cause of the circular bruise like marks.  Can’t tell you how refreshing it is to have these super athletes showing off our Medicine like medals to be admired.  Says a lot when these Athletes know and embrace the value of cupping and how it can help and support them.

But guess what, we’ve always offered cupping here in Essex Acupuncture Room and its still available know.   So who’d benefit from cupping, well show me anyone who’d benefit from massage I’d put them on the list as its effectively like an amazing deep tissue massage.  What about stubborn pain problems, yep they’d be on the list as it can wondrously shift some stubborn pains.  Gynecological problems, yes they’ve been helped in the past so they’d be on this growing list.  Folk with circulation issues have been immensely helped so that’s be on the list.  Do you see a picture evolving here?  In other words lots of conditions can be helped with this method.

Now here in clinic we do numerous types of cupping depending on your needs, from static to moving, dry or wet.  Intrigued that this might just sort your problem out. Well you know the drill, phone or email to discus it further.

Olympians I salute and Thank you for bringing our Medicine into the public arena. Also for the record, against some negative press, can I just say its not a fad, this style of treatment has been used by our fore-Acupuncturists for centuries.  There is nothing gimmicky about it, and it can be used either as a stand alone treatment or alongside Acupuncture (that’s normally how we work it here at Acupuncture Room).

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