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Analgesia cheap & convenient, BUT….

Yes honestly you have arrived at the site of an Acupuncturist blogger (of sorts).

Lets be honest,  looking for a convenient, quick fix as the solution to  health concern beckons from any old thrift shop! There’s no denying that analgesia is cheap but is it doing the best for you? is it getting to the root of your problem and sorting that out?

So for pennies one can grab  some drugs (alongside their side effects) to head on the road to potentially nowhere.  Sure in some cases it may give temporary  relief but long term……debatable!

In a recently published study it cited that  ibuprofen (an anti-inflammatory non-steroidal pain relief drug) was no better than a placebo for back pain and indeed the risks associated with taking it outweighs any small benefits.

Do you want more?  well have you considered Acupuncture?

For sure sitting relaxing or sleeping in a reclining comfortable chair or dozing on a heated treatment therapy couch cannot compete with the minutes it takes to swallow pills.   Pausing here for you to have a think about the different scenarios.

How often do we truly ask ourselves what is our health destination and what mode will we take to get there?

We appreciate that sourcing an appropriately trained  Acupuncturist, booking an appointment, getting to clinic and spending time having a treatment needs thought and energy. Whilst going to the cupboard for some drugs can be done in the blink of an eye. It might surprise you to find that in our clinic we aim not only for quick, but, moreover sustainable results.  If we are thinking pain issues then we expect and get changes occurring whilst in clinic, other issues will have changes occurring in due course.

This report may sway you into accepting that Acupuncture can be the cat’s meow.

In this hot off the press, Australian study it concludes that there is  moderate to high, quality of evidence supporting the use of Acupuncture in numerous issues and not just muscular or skeletal pain.

So have a think convenience or evidence whats it to be?

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