Dear Prospective Client/Patient

You know when you search up reviews for potential services or goods you are after?…. how would you feel if said reviews were essentially falsified?  Misled! Cheated!

Well its come to light that some Practitioners have taken to mutual reviewing though they’ve not actually had treatment from each other.  It’s a way to boost online presence.

Well hand on heart, my integrity on this matter is remaining intact. If you’ve landed here because of the reviews you have found you can rest assured each and everyone is authentic, from folk who have genuinely had treatment.

We are humbled and proud of the time folk have taken to give us a good review. In a sense these reviews have been truly earned thanks to the results folk got through treatment here.

Ways of sussing out the reviews are genuine, is the spacing interval. Ours have been over a course of years not hours.  Also folk can be tracked down to this Country though not always this County as folk come from London, Cambridge, Kent and Hertfordshire.

Right, just going to hop off my soap box now that this rant is over.

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