Investing In Yourself

Sitting here with the cogs of the brain whizzing around, in a good way because there are numerous fabulous changes afoot one of which I am able  to share with you today.

So, this is not strictly Acupuncture related, but it so ties up with looking after yourself.

Wondering how many of us acknowledge or appreciate that our skin is our largest organ? With that in mind think of how we treat this amazing organ! what we put on it!

I know through both personal and professional relationships that many of us are really on board for understanding food as the first line of medicine.  We accept that drinking water to keep our cells well hydrated and eating healthily goes a long way in promoting and maintaining our health both inside and out.

With all the care that we deliver to our innards, the question is what do we do for our outside ? yes, our skin.   OK your honor, below is exhibit 1, a selection of some though not the sum of the products that this here perpetrator of crimes against skin has used.

Goodbye partners in crime

In a bid to upping my self care regime, because after all, we are all so worth it I Colette Day hereby stand before you as an Independent Tropic Skin Care Ambassador. I can’t tell you how much I love, love, love the products.

I’ve become an Ambassador because it sits so very well with natural health care.  They smell delish, ( good enough to eat though I don’t advocate that) all plant based natural skin care.  It’s about beauty with a conscience, they are a 100% cruelty free brand.   Free from chemical nasties such as Parabens, Formaldehydes, Petrochemicals, Microbeads and Talc to name but a few.

So, why not let the needles do the work for the inside (and out) and top it up with these products on the outside?

If like me (and thousands of others) you are ready for change and know you are worth it here’s what you need to do, either contact me  on phone/text/email (the usual routes) or indeed check out my online shop where you can shop to your delight when and where it suits you its here. Any queries don’t hesitate to chat to me.







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