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Imagine your sports buddy/relative/friend/neighbour has had amazing results from the treatments received at Essex Acupuncture Room. Naturally they are over the moon and want to spread the Acu-Love.  They hop on their orange box and broadcast it far and wide which may include bending your ear and twisting your arm about it.

To appease others you book to come to clinic.  Perhaps you are expecting the same effect that they had ? yet your problem has been around for much longer!  Or you might expect to come lie or sit with some needles in with no work on your part.  Treatment is done  differently here.  Feedback from you is needed to ensure the best result is achieved.  This means you are regularly asked to quantify the level of your pain/discomfort or decreased range of movement. If  being asked to describe how your problem is changing is not your cup of tea then this clinic is probably not the one for you.  You will also be asked to regularly move the body part that has the problem (and no there won’t be any needles in that part ) so you can feel how it is changing, again some folk don’t want this.

So, in future and to avoid disappointment or upset, new folk to the clinic have a special option.  If within 15mins or before any needles are inserted you get a feeling that this clinic isn’t the right fit for you then off you can go without incurring any charge.

Yes this is for real.  We want you on-board with how treatment sessions are going to progress.  Feeling coerced into attending is not good for anyone and usually very obvious to the practitioner.    The first appointment is just getting a feel for the place, the practitioner, and how the needles work etc.  This is our way of managing expectations to ensure reality prevails. Courses of treatment are necessary to get the best for you.  By not playing the get out of clinic card it says you understand healing is a process not a quick fix. It’s all about patient partnership with the practitioner.


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